Bishop-Horace-StrandBishop Horace Strand

Bishop Horace W. Strand, Sr. holds a B.S. Degree and a Doctor of Divinity Degree. In 1979, Bishop. Strand founded the Faith Temple Holy Church and in 1985 established the Faith Temple Christian School.

Under the umbrella of Faith Temple Environmental Initiative, the Chester Environmental Partnership (CEP) was developed. The CEP consists of a coalition of local, state and federal government officials, academia, and profit and non-profit organizations. The CEP addresses environmental health.

Among his many accomplishments, he received the NAACP George Raymond Freedom Award, the Environmental Community Service Award, presented by Wawa, the Pennsylvania Resources Council, Inc. Community Service Award, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Drum Major for Justice Award.

Bishop Strand currently serves as District Elder of Delaware Subdistrict and President of Children First America Delaware Co.

In 2016, he established the Storm Authority of the City of Chester. Within a few short years, the Stormwater Authority has received low interest loans totaling $33 million and $11 million dollars in grants. Dr. Strand currently serves as the Executive Manager of the Storm Water Authority of the city of Chester. Dr. Strand is married to Oluchi Gladys Strand. He Loves God and His people.