Elder Judy LewisElder Judy Lewis

Elder Judy Lewis serves as an Associate Minister of Bible Union Fellowship UHCA (Philadelphia, PA). She is married to Elder Timothy Lewis and they have been blessed with 3 children, their spouses, and 8 grandchildren.

For the last 6-7 years she has been the successful business owner of Gigi’s Laundry Room. It is a Delaware laundromat with a community focus – a place where “clothes and souls leave cleaner and brighter.” Food, tracts, bottled water, resources and more are freely given to those in need.

Elder Judy Lewis currently serves the United Holy Church of America – Northern District as Convocation Recording Secretary and as Assistant Recording Secretary for the General United Holy Church of America. She is the Mission President at her local church, Bible Union Fellowship, Philadelphia, PA. She has served on the Prison Ministry and Outreach Team for over 7 years.