Minister Natasha PattersonMinister Natasha Patterson

Minister Natasha Patterson is an Associate Minister at the Kingdom of Faith UHCA, Washington, DC (Bishop Anthony Gilmore, Pastor). Minister Patterson serves in the youth ministry, as a member of the praise team, and anywhere there is a need. She was born into the United Holy Church of America and is a faithful member who loves the Lord, is dedicated, and desires to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all.

Minister Patterson is married to her husband, Devon Patterson, of 13 years. Together, they continue to raise their beautiful nine children. They lean on God for guidance and grace to be role models for all to love Christ.

Education is vital and serving as Recording Secretary of the Education Department of the Northern District Convocation is an opportunity to contribute to this area of our church.

As a disciple of Christ, she desires to continue growing in the knowledge of Christ. Through service she desires to help others grow as well, as the Lord forms us into His likeness.