Convocation Schedule

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5:00PM Corporate Prayer/Main Ballroom

7:30PM Evening Worship/(Main Ballroom)- Speaker:Bishop Gregory Dennis

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8AM Morning Glory Prayer

9AM Education Seminars

10:30AM “Manna In A Minute”

2PM “Northern District’s Got Talent”

7:30PM Evening Worship – Speaker Archbishop Robert Rochford

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8AM Morning Glory Prayer

9AM The Morning Meditation, Elder Betty Armstrong, Elder Steven McCrae

10AM Education Seminars

11:30AM State Of The District, Bishop K.White

2:30PM The General Hour – Representative: Bishop Harry L Cohen

7:30PM Evening Worship – Speaker: Dr. Jacqueline Gates

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8AM Morning Glory Prayer

10AM Women’s Conference – Speaker: Dr. Anita Phillips (Main Ballroom)

10AM Men’s Conference – Speaker: Elder Leonard Thompson (Upstairs Ballroom)

2PM Vice President’s Afternoon Service – Speaker Bishop Newton A. Pullian

7:30PM Evening Worship – Bishop Jason Nelson

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8AM Morning Glory Prayer

9AM The Morning Meditation, Miss Nyla Lee, Miss Kiah McNeil

10AM – BCS/YPHA Service – Speaker: Elder Brent Murphy

2:30PM 2nd Vice President’s Service – Speaker: Bishop-Elect Wayne Bullock

7:30PM ND District Choir Reunion, featuring Sis. Kimberli Joye Rush

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9AM Service of Ordination – Speaker: Dr. Albert Holden

12PM ND Outreach @ McKinney’s Memorial UHC (1340 Calhoun St. Baltimore, MD)

5PM Centennial Celebration Gala & Theatrical Presentation: Among The Baggage

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10:15AM Official Sunday – Speaker: Bishop Kenneth White